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How about a class-action lawsuit?I have already started bringing charges against her.

Anyone interested in joining me, express your interest on this site. If enough people show interest, I will give you contact info. She needs to be stopped before more innocent people get sucked in to her deceptions. She is giving the music industry a bad name and is scaring these young musicians away from the main thing they look forward to...a recording contract.

Let's stop this person before she goes to Panama City (which is where the contract says you have to file your lawsuits in) Interesting, huh?

Why outside of the U.S.?Makes you wonder.

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Lisa new # is 702-428-4271


Here is her real info. There is no Izzy Rockerfeller, Suzette Teal or Sandra Key. It is all Lisa Rodriguez of RNR Radio. Kaboom Radio was created because RNR radio has such a bad rap. When she started Kaboom Radio musicians caught on to her scam quickly. She has no affiliation with any of the venue's. She will claim to book events at venus, send out fake press releases from FREE Press Release companies and the venue's or producers of the event have never heard of her.

Below is her real info

83 Praire Dog Drive

Henderson NV


Thanks to her slip up we have gathered more information. THANKS LISA!

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